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Today I’m going to talk about the power of reputation and the unseen work it’s doing to work to your advantage OR to your detriment. A few weeks ago I posted about a Creative Director role I’m working on. Now since it’s a very senior person, one of the core attributes this person needs to […]

There have been a TON of tips and tricks around WFH- every company and their brother has let you know how to use zoom, how to interview through zoom, how to date through zoom and how to do just about anything digitally while at home. But one thing that has been an increasing issue (and […]

Poof! It hit me when September came a few weeks ago that the magazine industries’ most lucrative issue and “badge of honor” had been launched. The September Issue: Does it even matter anymore? Does anyone get excited for this? I’m literally curious. Little by little, we’ve seen this industry reckon with putting out the physical […]

Independent Agencies. They crop up daily. It’s hard to keep track to be honest. I recently read an interview with people from various Indie shops talking about what defines them in juxtaposition to larger shops and it resonated with me. One of which being.. “…At the core of independent agencies, is great work, but another […]