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We are a Creative People Consultancy. Find your Tribe. Make an Impact. Excel in Business.

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Whether hiring, starting a job search, or looking to uplevel your career we look at and beyond hard skills and creative talent to focus on identifying and developing leadership ability, emotional intelligence, and competence in navigating relationships.

We fill roles, find jobs, and coach people for what’s next.

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The Inventory are my partner because they focus on people and not just business, they will always be there with me along the journey towards bigger and better for everyone.

— CJ, COO/MD Agency Operations
  • 97% Placement Rate
  • 20+ Years in combined advertising and recruitment 
  • 1,000s of Lives Changed
UX Design, UI Design, Branding

Our Approach

We’ve spent years developing proprietary tools and systems that create repeated successes, big wins, and real, lasting change that ultimately transforms the trajectory of lives, careers and businesses.

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The Inventory consistently represent some of the best jobs, most that are not posted on standard sites. Their boutique approach means you get opportunities based on the right fit for the right job, unlike recruiters who blast their network to play the numbers game. Their guidance, support, communications and negotiations make the process truly first-class.

— Miles, Managing Director