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Pride is likely a missing value in the hiring process and I’m going to show you why. Pride in this usage turns is the proverbial “no stone unturned”- it is scouring the market to the point where you don’t assume someone doesn’t have the goods. It is knowing that creatives work on freelance projects all […]

I got asked a really interesting question the other day. The question was around leaving your full-time job for a freelance job or for no job. Here’s my answer.

I put a video out a few weeks back about the different types of recruiters which I received quite a bit of dialogue on. There are SO many misconceptions about how internal recruiters work and how they can effectively partner with outside headhunting staff. Afterall, an internal recruiter is managing expectations of their client (and […]

I wanted to talk about a few terms that often can be confusing: a staffing firm, a recruitment firm, executive search, and headhunting. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, which I discuss in this video.

Here’s a topic comes up often that I wanted to shed some light on. I’m a headhunter. For a lot of contingency roles, recruiters like myself are motivated to make the placement because we only make a salary if we place the role. Here’s why you might find recruiters don’t seem to be working on […]

If you know me, you know that I say that I live in the gray often. Not everything – a fair amount. I believe in permutations. I stumbled upon an article that held the same value system I did and discusses utilizing a “graydar detector.” I found this to be a SUPER tactical approach and […]

I know, you’re wincing because you’ve been saying it incorrectly for a LONG time. I know because I hear you when we speak, and I see your posts. BUT DON’T be! I had to have it clarified as well a long long time ago when I was a wee little AE. So don’t be ashamed. […]