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I got asked a really interesting question the other day. The question was around leaving your full-time job for a freelance job or for no job. Here’s my answer.

I wanted to talk about a few terms that often can be confusing: a staffing firm, a recruitment firm, executive search, and headhunting. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, which I discuss in this video.

I know, you’re wincing because you’ve been saying it incorrectly for a LONG time. I know because I hear you when we speak, and I see your posts. BUT DON’T be! I had to have it clarified as well a long long time ago when I was a wee little AE. So don’t be ashamed. […]

Poof! It hit me when September came a few weeks ago that the magazine industries’ most lucrative issue and “badge of honor” had been launched. The September Issue: Does it even matter anymore? Does anyone get excited for this? I’m literally curious. Little by little, we’ve seen this industry reckon with putting out the physical […]